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The original since 1991



“the simplest solution is almost always the best.”


The new QTS100 model has taken over 30 years of experience to develop and is arguably the most versatile and complete underwater light ever made for the marine industry in the simplest format possible.


One housing now accommodates a variety of light power outputs, Color Options and Input Powers.

Suitable for any boat from 40’ up to the largest 300’+ superyachts.




The essential construction of our products has not changed since 1991 as we did it right the first time. This does mean any existing customer from over the last 25 years can easily upgrade from a bulb - either metal halide, Xenon or Halogen - to the latest LED. This not only means you can upgrade in terms of light output but you can now have full color change.

QT130 brightest underwater boat lights
QT80 smallest thru hull led underwater boat lights
QTS 100 LINEUP MASTER final for website.
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QTS100 specs.png
web specs QT130.png

Over 30 years ago we made the very first underwater light for a ground breaking Superyacht in Europe. A quarter of a century later those same lights are still working perfectly and is testament to our ability in making the best products in the market. We have kept our overheads low and our team small in order to stay efficient and competitive and that's why we are amongst the small number of trusted companies in the industry.

We take great pride in knowing each of our customers, having been a family run company since 1991 our relationships are what we feel define our market position. We go to great lengths to be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for our clients whether it be for a new build or refit anywhere in the world. 

All of our products are made from the very highest grade Aluminum, Bronze, 316L Stainless steel and Titanium. We manufacture all mechanical components in house and use local contractors for our custom electronics. Our facilities and processes are Lloyds Approved and our documentation system is exact.

we're best


With 12 of the top 25 largest Superyachts in the world fitted with our lights we are, by owner's and shipyard's choice, the authority when it comes to underwater lighting at large within the industry. In our 30th year we celebrated by publishing The Art of Superyacht Lighting as a reference marker for a milestone in design and integrity in an industry often plagued by "here today, gone tomorrow" companies and products. Read online here or drop us a line to get a hard copy.

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IN THE PRESS // 2022

We've all been told time and time again print media is a dying industry. We view supporting the industry press as a duty rather than a line item on our budget. The boating press is vital for keeping the marine industry at the forefront of design and innovation but also highlighting its vital function within communities such as Fort Lauderdale and the South of France. We are proud to be affiliated with publications such as Boat International and Yachting Matters and will continue to do so.

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