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The QT130 LED underwater light features exchangeable inserts. This allows servicing and upgrades without the hassle of hauling your boat. With a massive 20,000 lumens of light output and it’s 90° degree beam angle the QT130 LED is recommended for boats 65+ feet, installing each fixture 3 - 9 feet apart for the best illumination. Easily upgradeable from existing lighting fixtures, the QT130 is designed with an industry standard 4” hole cutout. The housing, which has been in production for 25 years with zero failures, is also used in the Large Screwed Bulleyt and UL Ti MATE 130 HID and competitor fixtures which can all be upgraded to the QT130 LED by changing the insert. Built with anodized aluminium and Nickel plated bronze. Supplied with an IP68 juntion box for seamless installation. 

QT130 Product Overview

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