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QT 80-Ti 

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QTS 80 full lineup low res.jpg
QTS 80 full lineup low res.jpg
QT80 TI Specs.png

The QT-80-Ti LED underwater light features all in one driver technology and exchangeable inserts, this allows servicing and upgrades without the hassle of hauling your boat. With 7,000 lumens of light power and it’s 120° degree beam angle the QT-80-Ti LED is recommended for boats up to 90 feet, installing each fixture 2 - 4 feet apart for the best illumination and new for 2021 the light is now made from Titanium so it can now be used on carbon fiber as well as composite/fiberglass saving yards and installers hours/days on installation and potential warranty concerns through galvanic corrosion.



The housing of the QT- 80-Ti emulates the proven design of the popular small screwed bulleyt and the UL Ti MATE 80 Xenon and can be retrofitted with the new QT-80-Ti LED insert. This housing design has been in production for 30+ years with zero failures.  The small 2.5” (64mm) cut out size and compact insert means it can be installed almost anywhere on the boat.

QTS 80 full lineup low res.jpg

QT80 Product Overview

QTS 80 full lineup low res.jpg

25 years ago we made the very first underwater light for a ground breaking Superyacht in Europe. A quarter of a century later those same lights are still working perfectly and is testament to our ability in making the best products in the market. We've NEVER had a light fail due to water ingress. We have kept our overheads low and our team small in order to stay efficient and competitive and that's why we are amongst the small number of trusted companies in the industry.


All of our products are designed and made in house. We use local specialized sub contractors when needed and have and never will 'farm' our production or design out to companies in China or Asia. We believe in first principles and are not willing to cut corners in order to save a dollars. 


All of our products are made from the very highest grade Aluminum, Bronze and 316L Stainless steel. Not only is this essential for strength and longevity but aids heat dissipation and structural strength. Although plastic housings offer a vastly reduced cost benefit, this saving is not in the customers best interest and therefore not in ours.

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