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The essential construction of our products has not changed since 1991 as we did it right the first time. This does mean any existing customer from over the last 25 years can easily upgrade from a bulb - either metal halide, Xenon or Halogen - to the latest LED. This not only means you can upgrade in terms of light output but you can now have full color change.

Whether you have the iconic UL Ti MATE 75, which has been installed on almost every superyacht since the early 90’s, or the UL Ti MATE 130 for fiber glass hulls or the UL Ti MATE 80 which was predominately installed on production boats such as Searay, Sunseeker and many many others.

If the yacht is built to Lloyd’s Register, GL or ABS Design the exchange will not effect the certification.


As we hold an enviable position in the market it was only natural for our would-be competitors to mimic our designs, so we have a range of options for upgrading or replacing most of the main stream underwater lights on the market.

Our retrofit options are completely customizable and we offer a bespoke design service tailored for each customer. Please contact us today to find out how we can help. Any information you might have regarding the existing system such as original invoices, pictures and parts will help diagnose the solution faster.

UL Ti MATE 75 & UL Ti MATE 75 SA

UL Ti MATE 130


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