Download Full Warranty Statement

Underwater Lights Limited (UWL) stands by its products. In general terms, the company gives a full 2 year’s manufacturer’s warranty on all of its products from the date of sale, provided that the products have been registered within 60 days of purchase via the companies website, www.underwaterlights.com.


To claim, please contact an authorized UWL dealer and complete the troubleshooting guidelines and warranty claim form (available from www.underwaterlights.com). Claims may be disputed if the troubleshooting guidelines are not completed or no defect is found with the product. The detailed terms and conditions of this warranty are set out below. However; please note that all metal parts corrode in salt water. The primary factors affecting corrosion are not directly related to our products and accordingly UWL cannot be held responsible for corrosion-related defects, this includes but is not limited to where water has been allowed to enter the cable as a result of immersion in water during the installation or improper sealing of connections. Please note corrosion will be particularly aggressive if installation and/or bonding has not been correctly undertaken; or if stray currents are active in the vicinity of the boat.


Color variation occurs within the LED manufacture. While we make every effort to match the color of any lights there may be a noticeable difference when installed next to existing lights. UWL does not warrant this color variation on lights.


UWL reserves the right to change the design, range and components without any prior notification either written or implied.